Risk is the Reward




I am moving to New York.

The reason for the move is work. I am relocating to the NY (head) office.

While the discussions have been ongoing for a few months now, the actual move always seemed a little in the distance. Now, as 2017 ends, and 2018 carries with it the reality of the relocation, some self-questioning, and anxiety, is starting to creep in. But then, it is a pretty big move, particularly at this stage of my life, and so it would be pretty weird if I was completely blase about it all.

I saw a great doc film recently – Mountain (which I reflected on here, in my other blog). It got me thinking about ‘Mountains of the Mind’, and the meaning and purpose of risk taking. Following my (unexpected, which may not be the correct adjective, but the event was a huge life changer for me) divorce, life became something much less predictable and controllable that I had hitherto believed. All the balls were suddenly up in the air, and I had no way of knowing where they might fall. But within that maelstrom and chaos I came to see possibility. There is something liberating about letting go of control (and I was the queen of that for sure), and embracing uncertainty. Scary at times, but such openness has allowed me to become more brave, more adventurous, more risk-taking. Which has ultimately been more rewarding in terms of my lived experiences.

While watching Mountain, I found myself, surprisingly (I am definitely not fearless when it comes to physical feats) connecting with risk-taking climbers and adventurers.

Unlike them, however, I have no definite goal, there is no specific pinnacle in sight. Which I like, and which taps into my innate sense of Keats’ Negative Capability. Not-knowing, and being pretty ok with life’s uncertainties and mysteries, is increasingly becoming my way of living. There are many obstacles ahead for sure. And that’s ok.

Here, I plan to share my experiences, musings and happenings, as I travel forth. I look forward to sharing my adventures.




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